Case Study : Industrial Automation

Mobile Process Quality Assurance

  • Secure, cloud-based, mobile process quality assurance solution that allows field staff access their application via their mobile devices.
  • Visual Testing, Magnetic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing - Manual, Steel, H-beam and thickness
  • Machine learning which allows predictive algorithms to be executed over historical data, enabling scenarios such as predictive testing/maintenance

IOT hub and D2C (device-to-cloud) messaging

SparkX™ Stud vehicle occupancy sensor detects the presence of an automotive in the parking bay and communicates the parking bay status change (occupied / unoccupied) to a cloud server. Using SPARK™ Mobile Apps connected to the cloud server, car drivers access the real time status of parking sensors located across city and efficiently plan their drive.

  • Azure IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Service, Stream Analytics, and Time Series Insights
  • Real-time analysis, data exploration and visulization
  • SparkX™ Stud SXS, a proprietary rugged floor mounted sensor from Prodigy®
  • Stud SXS, detects changes in earth's geo magnetic field and using propriety algorithms calculate presence or absence of metallic body above it
  • SXS supports LORA or NBIOT long range wireless communication, and Bluetooth Low Energy for short range wireless communication
  • SXS operate at ultra low power mode supporting multiple year of operation